Back to work & the website

Well it has been a long time since either Lane or I updated this and I apologize for that.  Not Sure where the fall went but once the combining is done then all kinds of tasks dominate my time and usually don’t have time to type an update. This year was especially busy for me as I had a hernia repaired on Nov 13 so had to get all heavy lifting tasks done. It all went well and now I’m just getting back to work. Started hauling grain with 2 loads yesterday to quill lake and 4 loads today and tomorrow to Saskatoon. When I booked these loads I never dreamt it would be -3 and drizzle.  I’m too attached to my iron and have a pain in my stomach seeing the truck and trailer covered in salt.  I have 2 more loads next week to Saskatoon and some local hauls in between and then I’ve bought me a Christmas present, I have the unit booked in for a truck wash. Then it will likely sit for a while as I hit the road in January with speaking tours.

I’ve booked 2 loads a day so it means for an early unload and then early afternoon. First dump was scheduled for 7 am so I left home at 4:21 and arrived at 6:21 and was dumped and back on the road by 7.  I’ve actually got extra time so killing time until my 2 pm dump.


Red Sovines “Teddy Bear” was playing just as i hit the highway which was a very suitable song given my task today.


Had the family help me set up all the augers as I’m still not supposed to lift and this way I can cut my loading time in half

Last picture is my version of Christmas light display!


I’m promising myself to do more regular updates so make sure and check back regularily so you can keep up with me just living my dream.

Merry Christmas everyone.