Seed Hawk Farm Progress Kick Off

Tuesday evening on the kick off evening for Farm Progress Show I had the chance to mingle with satisfied customers dealers and partners of Seed Hawk / Vaderstad.  After a delicious steak dinner I took the stage to talk about the risks and rewards of starting LDS Farms alongside my brother Lance with the help of our Mom and now wives Carie and Marie. This journey is my life in the raw. That path for me that is real, intentional and built by design. The perfect life for me. One not taken by chance or default or asleep at the wheel when people look back and wonder where their life went. No. This one I remember and love, because I was present and engaged throughout the journey.
Everyone yearns for something in this life. Finding it, taking it on and making it the life you’ve always wanted…well there in lies your very own life in the raw.
Thank you to AdFarm, Seed Hawk / Vaderstadeed for the opportunity. IMG_20160615_063249