Home Quarter Seeding and unexpected Weather

Today was a perfect example of how the weather can change very quickly. I was up at 4:30 this morning with not a cloud in the sky and the sun shining beautifully. I was excited to be working on our home quarter, land that was broke by our ancestors well over a century ago. I find it the most enjoyable for a number of reasons, like usually finding an old bridal ring from years gone by hooked to a seeding shank, but mainly because the boys can be there to help and come for quick visits and it’s easy for Marie getting meals and extra coffees to us. Here is Logan delivering my coffee and some breakfast but did not go home until he road beside to make sure everything was working properly and checked the seeding depth. He’s crazy about seeding, so will likely be looking to take over my job soon enough.
We are seeding canary seed today. Got loaded up and set by 7:30 and then Lane headed to get sprayer ready so he could spray the field we will be moving to tomorrow, Moores Home (a farm we bought 4 years ago and the name sticks). He radioed me and said he was hoping to get his tank sprayed before it rained. I was behind the bush by our yard and not really looking to the sky rather making sure everything was working as it should. When I came out from behind the bush I could see what he was talking about. Within 1/2 hour it was spitting on the window and for a while came down pretty good. ‎Fortunately it was not enough to stop me but made a mess of my windows and the fertilizer I was trying to‎ auger. Lane got 1 tank on in not so ideal conditions so fingers crossed it will work.

Working this home land seemed somewhat more special this year. Our Uncle Kenny (dad’s brother) has recently retired and has been helping us out and it is so great having him around. He has so much life experience with fixing things and ideas that he is very valuable to have around. Makes me think a lot about what it would be like if Dad was still alive. The part that makes it special this year is Uncle Kenny asked if he could get a bucket of black dirt loaded on his truck the other day. I said sure and of course asked why, thinking it was for his garden. He said that Dad’s and his Mom’s Graves have sunk a lot and he wants to fill them up and plant some grass. It warms my heart (and brings a tear to my eye) when I think that the dirt I’m working is now, in a small part, with Dad and his Mom in their final resting spots. Thanks very much to Uncle Kenny for doing that and being more than just someone helping us out.   

Miss you Dad, this fields for you, (sorry it’s the itchy canaryseed!)‎