Back to wheat


A beautiful Sept day came about on the 12 th of September. A SW wind brought temps near 30 degrees which meant we finished up the gravel pits quarter of canola and started on one at home but by 3 ‎we switched to our standing wheat which was then dry. Was disappointed to find out that the header that we borrowed from a neighbor was not going to work so I’m back to swathing in front of Marie combining and Lane using our St cut header on his combine. 

CPS a local Ag Inputs retailer brought out a wonderful chicken supper lastnight to the field. It turned out to be a gorgeous evening for supper in the field. A big thanks to Bryan and Brenda for a great night. But it was short lived and soon the hum of the equipment was back at it into the night. ‎

Oh Yeah forgot to mention this is the ruts after Marie got stuck two nights ago no bad at all really