I’ve never wanted a drone before

image imageUntil a buddy showed me the 1080p resolution amazing quality footage he took early one morning in his farm. This bad boy was about $1400 out of the box and it’s a breeze to run.
Who needs an airplane to come take arial photos of your farm? Buy a drone. Never again will you have to curse yourself years later as you walk by it every day wondering why that day you decided to leave the 1/2 ton parked at a stupid angle semetrically to the rest of the yard. (Yes there is a time and place to sweat the small stuff and this is it).
Want to check the back corner of the field or the herd to just see how they are doing without spooking them? Buy a drone. I’m a bit shocked at my own interest in these things all of a sudden.

Ok, back to the task at hand…. Peas are dry and rain is a comin!